Rejoin the Conversation with HearingJack!

  • Take Part in Memories with Loved Ones
  • Enhance Your Hearing in Crowded Rooms
  • Hear the Game, TV, and Movies More Clearly 
  • Fully Rechargeable Hearing Aids
  • Easy to Use Volume / Mode Control
  • FDA Approved

Rejoin the Conversation with HearingJack!

  • Take Part in Memories with Loved Ones
  • Enhance Your Hearing in Crowded Rooms
  • Hear the Game, TV, and Movies More Clearly 
  • Fully Rechargeable Hearing Aids
  • Easy to Use Volume / Mode Control
  • FDA Approved

Your Hearing Jack Set Comes with All This

  • 2 HearingJack Instruments (BOTH Left and Right Ear)
  • 1 Charging Base for HearingJack
  • 1 USB Cord and Outlet Plug
  • Variety Of Sound Tubes for Your Specific Needs
  • 15 Sets of Ear Tips to Ensure Proper Fit and Function
  • 1 Full Year Warranty (Extended 2 Year Available)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Hearing Test Required

Share in the Laughter and Memories with Family and Friends

48 Million people suffer from hearing loss in the US. Hearing loss can cause people to withdraw from loved ones, and cause feelings of isolation and loneliness. Over time, hearing loss will typically progress and gradually become worse. Shockingly, ONLY 1 out of every 4 persons affected by hearing loss will seek a remedy. PRICE is one of the Main Factors as the Average Cost For Hearing Aids costs between $2,000 to $6500.

HearingJack Has Changed the Game for Hearing Devices. Affordable Prices that can fit in the Budget of Working People. Don’t let Cost be the Reason your on the Outside Looking In on One More Family Conversation or Dinner out with Friends. Its time to stops sitting on the Sidelines, Get Back in the Game with HearingJack. Our Low Prices and Affordable Payment Plans are designed to Help You Get Medical Grade Hearing Assistance at a Fraction of the Cost.

At HearingJack, we believe that Life is Better Heard.

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“HearingJack prices saved me thousands of dollars compared to the brands recommended by the doctor. By the time it was all said and done, I would have been left paying over $3,500 for the devices that I needed. I can’t tell you how much that savings means to someone on my budget. A sincere thanks” - Roderick J.

“I knew I needed some assistance with my hearing, but was reluctant to take the next step because of the price and concern about people seeing the devices. HearingJack is barely visible, super comfortable and has done wonders for my hearing. Now I am able to enjoy conversations at crowded family holidays. A Wonderful Product!” - Nancy P.

“My first instinct was to lean towards a product that was completely hidden in the ear canal. After spending months fumbling get those tiny things positioned correctly, I finally decided to give HearingJack a try. If I had only tried HearingJack first, not only would I have saved money, I would have realized you can’t see these devices anyway! Ha. You live and learn. Great Product, Wonderful Value."  - James B.

“These devices are one of the best values I have found in the marketplace. I am big into comparison shopping and I have done all of the homework. Dollar for Dollar, these are the best value that I could find. In the 3 months since Ive been using them, I have found them to live up to my expectations. Quality Product. Well Done.”  - Ralph S.

“I used to avoid lunch with the ladies because it was difficult for me to follow along. I guess my vanity prevented me from getting assistance years ago. I wanted something that was sleek and barely visible, but most importantly, something that worked. I love the variable ‘modes’ so I can adjust my hearing for the surrounding environment. I feel so much more engaged with friends and family. Thank you HearingJack. Your product changes peoples lives for the better, you should be proud of that.”  - Edith C.

“My fingers have lost some dexterity as I have gotten older. It is hard for me to handle small things or adjust tiny dials. HearingJack ‘rocker switch’ makes life so much easier for me. It makes volume adjustments easy and frustration free. For someone with aching hands like mine, small details like that are greatly appreciated. Definitely would recommend HearingJack to anyone considering getting a hearing device.”  - Benjamin W.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Hearing Test for HearingJack?

No, you do not. There is no hearing test that is required. HearingJack devices have been designed for people who suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss. By creating multiple pre-programmed modes that cover this range of frequency loss, HearingJack has created a product that is likely to suit your needs.

Why am I Hearing Whistling Noise when inserting HearingJack?

Keep the Hearing Device Off when you are putting it on each day. Once the Device is properly set in your ear you should turn the power on. Adjust the volume by using the Rocker Switch. If you still hear the whistling, then turn the volume down. That should eliminate the noise all together.

How Can I Contact HearingJack?

You can reach us here on Or by calling us at 888-229-0565

How Do I Set Up or Assemble HearingJack?

Each HearingJack package contains Instructions for full set up and use.

HearingJack instruments come with both a Thin Sound Tube Option as well as a Thick Sound Tube. We recommend that you start with the thin tube assembly, as it works for most of our clients. (If you feel you need additional hearing assistance you can always jump up to the thick tubes later on.)

Step 1 - Locate your Hearing Devices in the Black Box inside the packaging. Next Locate the Accessories Box. In the accessories box you will find two (2) plastic baggies. One baggie will contain the thick sound tube and ear tips, the other will will contain the Thin Sound Tube and ear tips, along with a cleaning tool.

Step 2 - With one hand on the hearing instrument, Screw the Sound Tube of choice onto the the device completely. Do NOT over tighten. Repeat the same process on the second device. (If you chose the Thick Sound Tube see instructions on how to trim excess sound tube.)

Step 3 - Find the Right Ear Tip for you. There are 5 different sizes to choose from, so one of them is sure to fit. We recommend you experiment for a couple days with each until you are sure you are satisfied.

Step 4 - Keeping the Power Off, Insert the Ear Tip into your ear. Gently guide the Sound tube over your ear and rest the device behind your ear. Press the Power Button and use the Rocker Switch to Increase or Decrease the Volume.

Step 5 - Lastly, put the retention lock into the curve of your ear to keep things in place. You are all Set to Go.

How Do I Care for my HearingJack Devices?

Keep the Hearing instrument Clean and Dry. Use only a soft cloth to remove any moisture or body oil from the shell. The Included Cleaning Tool can be used to Clean Wax Build Up. DO NOT use cleaners and chemicals to clean the device. DO NOT leave your devices out in direct sun for extended periods of time. ALWAYS handing the instrument with care and avoid dropping on hard surfaces.

How do I Use the Memory Switch for Pre-Set Modes?

Your HearingJack Instrument is pre-programmed with 2 Preset Modes. Mode 1 is designed for frequencies for normal hearing environments. Mode 2 is designed specifically for crowded or noisy environments such as a Restaurant or Work Environment / Cocktail Party.

When the instrument is turned on it will automatically be on Mode 1. Press the memory button (power button) gently to move to the next mode. You will hear 1 beep for mode 1 and 2 beeps for mode 2.


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